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Dr. Lysa Ward

Thank you for taking the time to visit Ward Wellness.  Dr. Lysa Ward is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician practicing in Tacoma since 2001.  While she continues to love the challenges and diversity presented in the hospitals, she also developed an interest in non-emergent care, specifically Aesthetic Medicine.


She served as the medical director of a full-service medical spa in Kirkland WA for four years.  During that time she trained and perfected her aesthetic skills.  In early 2022, she brought her practice home to Tacoma by opening her own medical spa, Ward Wellness.

Dr. Ward's aesthetic philosophy is founded in the belief that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and true beauty resonates from the soul. She also knows, first-hand, how life’s stressors can take their toll and leave us looking not as good as we might feel. There are many ways that aesthetic artistry can help us feel refreshed and fabulous in the skin we're in!  Book a free consultation and let Dr. Ward get to know you and better understand how she may help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Ward holds a doctorate of medicine from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and completed her residency at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles CA.

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